Polyester Laundry/Route Bags

                               LB222R                                                            LB222AP                                                                     LB226V
           Premium White 30"x40" Laundry Bag                 Premium White 30"x40" Laundry Bag                              Premium 30"x40"x15" Tapered/Funnel
                        Inside & Out Loop                                    Heavy Weight Inside & Out Loop                                                Laundry Bag
Available: White,Brown,Yellow,Red,Green,Navy,Black  Double Fabric on Bottom            Inside & Out Loop                                                                                                Eyelet Holes for Easy Re-Stringing                                         Available: White,Navy



Our Premium Laundry Bag will reduce your overall laundry bag cost by eliminating unnecessary bag maintenance, while offering a competitively priced laundry bag with proven extended life expectancy. The bags are made of durable 80% polyester/20% synthetic blend with reinforced conveyor loops. You’ll find these bags useful enough to handle any task!


  • Offered in full size (30"x40") and tapered/funnel (30"x40"x15") shape to reduce handling weight.

  • Highest quality premium 80% polyester/20% synthetic blends -- less shrinkage and longer bag life.

  • Double stitching -- added seam strength and conveyor loop strength reduces repairs and bag replacement.

  • Totally reversible bag with conveyor loops on the inside and out.

  • Colors to chose from Brown,Yellow,Red,Green,Navy & Black.

Stock Items

LB224T -    Premium White Laundry Bag w/Webbing Cord

LB222AP -  Premium Heavy Duty Laundry Bag w/Eyelet Holes

LB222R -    Premium White Laundry Bag

LB222RN-  Premium Brown Laundry Bag

LB222RY - Premium Yellow Laundry Bag

LB222RR - Premium Red Laundry Bag

LB222RG - Premium Green Laundry Bag

LB222RB - Premium Navy Laundry Bag

LB222RK - Premium Black Laundry Bag

LB226V -   Premium White Funnel/Tapered Laundry Bag

LB226VB - Premium Navy Funnel/Tapered Laundry Bag