Biohazard Bags

Our Biohazard Bag exceeds all OSHA requirements related to the blood borne pathogens program.  The bags are made from 100% nylon, and are treated with a water impervious coating, resulting in a virtually fluid proof biohazard bag.  The bag is completed with the biohazard symbol stenciled on the outside of the bag.

  • Convenient size - 30" x 40" makes handling easy!
  • Fluid proof coating aids in the containment of all fluids.
  • Extra stitching -- added seam strength reduces repairs and bag replacement and aids in fluid containment.
  • Inside flap closure -- additional flap encloses all contents of Biohazard bag, ensuring compliance with OSHA standards.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Can provide bag without biohazard symbol stencil


Red Biohazard Bag with Flap

Green Biohazard Bag with Flap

Yellow Biohazard Bag with Flap

Sky Blue Biohazard Bag with Flap

Item BB282RR

Item BB283RG

Item BB284RY

Item BB285RB