Clean/Washroom Slings

Our Clean/Washroom Slings are made of a heavy once fabric.  These bags are available in a mesh or knitted fabric.  The mesh slings provide the durablility of a heavy ounce mesh fabric.  The slings come with a rope lock to ensure the security of its contents. The knitted slings are especially designed to enable the sling to spin out water quickly, thus reducing overall drying time.  Both slings are custom made for your convenience.

  • Custom making always gives you the exact size you need every time.
  • High ounce fabric provides extra durability and longer bag life.
  • Extra stitching -- adds sling strength and support, thus reducing repairs and bag replacement.
  • Knitted sling reduce your overall drying time.
  • Available in white or black.
  • Rope lock secures contents.
Competitive Price

mesh sling

knitted sling

1000 denier sling

Item S20M

Item S21K

Item S22L