Additional Accessories/Parts



Replacement cords for laundry bags, biohazard bags, or multi-purpose bags.

RC183B - 72" Regular Replacement Cord

RC184B - 72" Premium Replacement Cord

TC203B - 72" Webbing Replacement

        RC813B                 RC184B         TC203B



Replacement cords for slings.                                                                           

RC185S - 1,000 ft. Spool

        RC813B                 RC184B         TC203B

  Brass Pins

1. Brass Pins aid in the closure of mesh bags.  Available in 5 in. size.
     Item BP216B

  Basket Liners

1. Replacement liners for baskets/trucks.  Price includes grommets and lacing.
    12 bushel liner. Item RBL12
    14 bushel liner. Item RBL14
16 bushel liner. Item RBL16
18 bushel liner. Item RBL18
    20 bushel liner. Item RBL20

  Hanger Rack

1. Well-crafted hanger rack.
     hanger rack. Item HR8S

  Bag Stand

1. Well-crafted X-shape bag stand.
      X-stand. Item BS19X

2. Well-crafted U-shape bag stand.
     U-stand. Item BS29U

  Plastic Envelope (Laundry Tag)

1. Heavy duty plastic envelope (laundry tag) - comes in a variety of colors.
     plastic envelope. Item PE16

  Twist Lock

1. Twist Locks for Compartment Lockers.
     twist lock. Item TL20

  Galvanized 4 Post Soil Sling Cart

1. Well-crafted Galvanized 4 Post Soil Sling Cart.
     post. Item SC44G